The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit for Jewish Women Professionals

The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit for Jewish Women Professionals Globally

Go behind the scenes with 26 Jewish women leaders

26 Jewish women leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs all in one amazing online conference. The biggest ever online symposium for Jewish women leaders.

Intimate, one-on-one sessions, discussions, and interviews. Strong women telling their stories, how they reached where they are today, and offering you their sagest advice.

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Here is a Peek at what you get in the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit

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This is the first time these Jewish women leaders have been brought together for the most inspiring and motivating online conference for Jewish women yet.

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Be part of the professional Jewish Women’s leadership community

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who is on the summit?

dr. mina teicher

international women’s leadership

As the Vice President of the International Women’s Forum, Professor Mina Teicher talks about the importance of mentorship, colloboration, role models, networks and women’s empowerment. Mina is the former Chief Scientist of Israel Government and is an International Professor at NYU School of Engineering. She serves as evaluator of technologies and innovations policies to international governments, universities, investment banks and private investors.

Devora Mason

How to join innovation with history

Devora Mason is the Manager of the Innovation Lab at the Tower of David Museum, inside the old city of Jerusalem. Cool, right? We talk about career paths, and how they aren’t always a straight tragectory. Is yours? Mine isn’t. So we discuss how to make good decisions for yourself when leaving one position and choosing a new position; how to know when the time is right to move on; how to take your knowledge from one place and shine with it in your next position. Does this sound like you? Listen to our conversation.

Dr. Judith Rosenbaum

the importance of the jewish woman’s role in feminism

Judith Rosenbaum is the Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, an internet resource that I rely on heavily when doing research for my podcast. We discuss stories of Jewish women in history and today, and how they provide a backbone for us to lean on when we fight for our own rights as women in today’s world. We talk about how we are on the cusp of an historic era, and how are all making history now.

Dr. Yael Schuster

scientist, activist, entrepreneur and mom. among other things.

Yael Schuster is a Chemist who is intent on making science fun for girls. She is a co-founder of the media company StellarNova. We talk about what goes into starting a new company, her ideals and the “why” behind her business. StellarNova won the Mass Challenge Start-Up Award in Jerusalem in 2016. Would you like to advance women in STEM? This conversation will teach you how to get started.

Dr. Rahel Berkovits

Women in jewish law, what do the sources say?

We get a lesson from Rav Rahel about the halacha of women’s participation in Jewish ritual. Rahel teaches specifically about who should lean during the Passover Seder; and how the Rabbis, when developing the Purim holiday, they obligated men and women equally to fulfill the commandments. She points out that women can explicitly read the megilla, and the levels of rabbinical thought around that particular mandate. Our discussion touches upon Jewish identity in Israel, and how important it is to gather Jewish people together, regardless of how religious they are.

Lori Palatnik

how to start an international movement

Lori Palatnik is the Founding Director of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. She is a writer, a Jewish educator, an author, and an internationally sought-after speaker.

Hadassah recently named Lori as one of the “Most Outstanding Jewish American Women of Our Time.”

And we’re lucky to have her here talking to us! We talk about how to start a movement that you really believe in, how to raise funds even if you don’t like to do it, and most importantly – – How to join Jewish women together to support each other to all rise higher together!!

Jenny Belotserkovsky & Michal Tavrovsky

supporting jewish tech founders

Want to break into the Silicon Valley scene? Need funding, mentors, networking events to get your tech startup growing?

Michal and Jenny have built a Jewish entrepreneur’s dream, the JFE (Jews For Entrepreneurship) Organization, focusing on advancing innovation and discovery of Jewish entrepreneurs by providing them with startup resources and publicity (by sharing their content with their network of over 11k people). Based in San Francisco and New York City, the JFE has worked with over 120 startups.

Jenny and Michal have also co-founded Jemm Ventures Accelerator, a program focused on Israeli B2B startup innovation, where they bring a group of Israeli startups to San Francisco for three months and help them scale in the US ecosystem.

Both of these ventures focus on Jewish innovation with a strong support of Israel.

Carol Schwartz

When you know you want to make a difference, but you’re not sure how. Carol tells us what she is doing in Australia for women’s leadership.

With an impressive leadership career spanning the property, arts, finance government and health sectors, Carol Schwartz recognized the need to advocate for gender equality, and women’s leadership, governance, social enterprise, business and finance issues. Carol is the Founding Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia. We talk about how she is making a difference, so that women share power and decision making.

Miriam lottner

Do you dream of making your idea into a real physical product? Miriam takes us through the process.

Miriam Lottner is the creator and founder of Reveal Cards. After making Aliyah from Los Angeles, Miriam spent the next 20 years working in senior roles in Israel’s hi-tech sector. She is now a frequent public speaker, mentor, business consultant and advocate for women in technology.

nancy kaufman

nancy kaufman ceo of ncjw

As the CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, Nancy leads the oldest Jewish women’s organization in the US to make significant positive move forwards. A few of the issues the NCJW concentrates on include issues pertaining to equal pay, civil liberties and civil rights, and immigrants and refugees.

In this interview, Nancy tells her personal story, and how Jewish organizations helped her family in times of tragedy, and how she is a poster-child as a beneficiary of organizations such as the NCJW.

We also discuss the blatant lack of female leadership in large Jewish funds and the need to make changes in our backyard.

rivka malka perlman

So many things in us and around us can be transformed so that we can live our lives as we are meant to. Rivka Malka teaches us how.

If you’re the kind of person who likes, or even needs, to mix your spiritual side with your business side, then you’ll love and learn from hearing Rivka Malka talk to us. She tells the story of her near-death experience and how it changed her life going forwards.

sue zimmerman

How to strategically approach social media for your brand

You might feel over-exposed on social media, but as a tool for your business growth, you cannot go without a smart social media strategy. Sue Zimmerman is an entrepreneur extraordinaire, and uses her business acumen to blow up social media campaigns. Her niche is Instagram, but her knowledge is marketing. This is an important interview for those of you who want to know more about using social media wisely for your brands.

Ruchi koval

Are you out-of-the-box orthodox? So is Ruchi!

If you’ve ever thought that Jewish orthodox education is too old-fashioned for you and your family, but it’s important to you to stay close to your beliefs, then you’ll find Ruchi’s talk inspiring. She and her husband  are the founders of the Jewish Family Experience, a new-age congregation in Cleveland, Ohio. Ruchi’s first book is called “Conversations with G-d: Prayers for Jewish Women”.  Ruchi writes on her blog “Out of the Orthobox”.

dr. dara horn

Here’s your chance to hear a talk by a National jewish book award winning author

In this conversation with the author Dr. Dara Horn, you get an inside look as to how her mind works, what her thought process is when writing, and how she comes up with story lines that mix biblical characters, science fiction, womens religious rights, and more unexpected, clever, angles. Dara Horn has a PhD from Harvard in comparative literature, studying Hebrew and Yiddish, and is now a visiting Professor in Jewish Studies at Harvard.

zoe bermant

why are there mumpreneurs but no dadpreneurs?

You’ll find a kindred soul in this no-nonsense serial entrepreneur. Zoe Bermant takes common sense plus natural talent and uses them to develop products and apps and manage social media for huge corporations. Mainly, Zoe creates solutions that solve technological pains for parents. And she wants to mentor you and help you figure out the development path for your business idea, product or startup, as a pay-forward to the community of women entrepreneurs. That is to say, for free.

allison josephs

can you understand your jewish neighbor? do you want to?

A big part of this conference is about bringing you and me closer to each other. We need to stop being divided, start supporting each other. The only way to be able to do that, is by getting to know each other better. That’s what Allison is doing on Jew In The City and her talks and outreach. She is breaking down stereotypes about religious Jewish people. She tells us about the home she grew up in, the tragedy that occured that made her start questioning, and how her Orthodoxy is contagious. Allison is a great storyteller, listen in and learn.

luann nigara

choosing excellence in your business to increase sales

LuAnn is a phenomenal sales person and teaches us about choosing excellence in your business. She knows because she is the co-owner of a very successful 30+ year window treatment and awning retail business, where she is responsible for sales, social media initiatives and trade accounts; they have serviced more than 24,000 customers. LuAnn also is the host of A Well-Designed Business podcast, a public speaker and has her first book coming out in 2017. Plus, she’s a close friend of mine.

gloria feldt

how to be a leader even if you don’t feel like one

Gloria specializes in helping women achieve bold and audacious goals that advance them in society and at work. “People” magazine calls her the “voice of experience”. As the Co-founder and President of Take the Lead, Gloria teaches us some of the core points of accepting your power as a leader so that you can naturally step into your leadership position. There is a lot of practical information in this talk, from a world leader in women’s leadership. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Gloria.

dr judy melinek

What happens if there is a question of wrongful death when a jewish person dies?

When talking about the cycle of life, we often speak of births, bris, bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. We don’t often speak of death, of burial, or of autopsies. Dr. Judy Melinek is a forensic pathologist, and we talk about Jewish laws and state laws pertaining to autopsy, some of the questions that are raised, and possible answers. This sensitive subject is part of our lives, it’s best to get educated on it, even when it’s difficult.

yael elad

How to negotiate in a male-dominated environment, so that you can make more money, get your promotion or even trick your kids into thinking they won (when it was really you)

As the CFO and COO of the venture capital fund Aleph, Yael has the knowledge you need to move yourself forwards in your career. She is accustomed to working in male-dominated offices and knows how to deal with gender-bias. Yael passes some of this information on to us, in a practical conversation about how to negotiate.

elaine hall

a story of adoption, autism and achievement

Elaine tells her story the story of adopting her son, her son having autism, and how she went on to develop multiple treatment methods and opportunities for children with autism. Elaine created an award winning B’nei Mitzvah and religious education program for individuals with autism. She also is the creator of The Miracle Project, and inclusive Jewish-themed theater and film program. She was also profiled on the HBO documentary AUTISM: The Musical. In addition to appearing on the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit, Elaine has also been on CNN, CBS, OWN, and featured in multiple publications.

heidi zak

Would you leave google to start your own business? heidi did!

As co-founder of ThirdLove, Heidi Zak knows about choosing which business to start, if an MBA is worth the time and money investment, how to scale, and how to get investors. These are a few of the topics we discuss. Also: how does she know so much about boobs?

We had a skype hiccup towards the end of our conversation, hence the wardrobe change. Heidi was kind enough to jump on the call twice, thanks Heidi!

beth steinberg

what will it take for people with disabilities to be fully welcomed into community life? Beth tells her story of co-founding Shutaf, a unique, Jerusalem-based nonprofit

Moving to Israel didn’t solve Beth’s search for inclusive afterschool and camp programs that would welcome her son, Akiva, who has disabilities. Until she and her friend, Miriam Avraham, founded Shutaf Inclusion Programs, offering year-round activities for children, teens and young people, with and without disabilities. Shutaf’s mission? To create that place of complete acceptance and inclusion for all kids of all abilities; religious and secular, rich and poor, from all cultural backgrounds. Hear her story of raising Akiva and building Shutaf.

Ruth Messinger

A career of public service and jewish values

As CEO of American Jewish World Service for 18 years, Ruth teaches us about the Jewish values that we can all use to help and lead others, without paternalism or judgement. Under Ruth’s leadership, AJWS grew exponentially, granting more that $270 million to promote human rights in the developing world, and many other important projects. We talk about how Ruth grew their resources and outreach in such a large way.

Hamutal Gouri

Fostering collaborative female leadership in inclusive programming

Hamutal Gouri is a cultural critic, consultant, and storyteller for social change.  As the Executive Director of the Dafna Fund, Hamutal has been able to initiate proactive programs designed to strengthen the feminist and women’s organizations’ arena in Israel.

We discuss how to foster a safe environment for people to be able to bridge their political, socio-economical, or religious differences in order to build strong and fruitful connections. And we talk about the magic ingredients women require to lead effectively. Hamutal is deeply involved in leadership development for women in Israel.

Listen to this interview. You’ll learn how it’s possible to take advantage of women’s natural talents for collaborative leadership.

Manette Mayberg

Manette Mayberg is changing the unchangeable

Manette Mayberg is a co-founder of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, a trustee of the Mayberg Foundation, and most recently the founder of the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC). 

We have an intimate discussion of how she and her husband became orthodox, what her process was to find her most fulfilling work, and why she now devotes her energies to innovating Jewish day school study systems. 

Here are some of the things you will learn

  • How to be a successful startup founder and build the right team.
  • Why social media is critical for your business, regardless of how introverted you are. Plus, lots of insider’s Instagram tips
  • How to build and grow a community and lead with strength and humility.
  • The principles behind effective fund raising for your non-profit organization.
  • How excellence is a choice in business and in life, and how you can choose to be excellent
  • The reasons why it’s important for women to be prominent leaders, and how you, too, can step into that role.
  • The importance of women as role models.
  • We talk about the Jewish laws pertaining to autopsy with the leading Jewish US forensic pathologist.
  • How Judaism can be inclusive and welcoming, and how women are leading in that direction.
  • The natural evolution of a business and how, if you are persistent, you can work through any tough times.

Disclaimer: No politics! No division between religious preferences! We are building a positive community of strong professional Jewish women leaders and entrepreneurs!

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What is The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit?

This online conference has over 20 expert video interviews and lectures from Jewish women entrepreneurs and leaders. We cover a wide range of topics, including Jewish daily life, leadership, professional development, and many practical lessons.

What is the goal of The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit?

The goals of the Strong Jewish Women’s Summit are networking and education. To build an international community of Jewish women who support each other, lifting one another up to our greatest heights, to be prominent world leaders. The world needs a lot more Jewish women leaders!

Who is The Strong Jewish Women’s Summit for?

If you’re a Jewish woman professional or entrepreneur, then this summit is for you. This summit is non-partisan and non-judgemental. Let’s build a Jewish women’s sisterhood, where Jewish women can congregate, meet each other, and make friends and business connections, regardless of where you are in the world.

What are my travel costs?

ZERO!!! That’s true for your hotel costs too:) What about food? Babysitter? Wardrobe? Zilch! Plus, you get to see many more lectures and interviews than you would ever get access to in a conventional convention.

When can I watch the interviews and lectures?

When you register, you’ll get access to two free sessions. If you want to see all of the other interviews, you can buy a Premium Pass. The Premium Pass gives you unlimited access to all of the sessions, plus you get the bonus package, which really makes it a no-brainer for you.


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